About Zoë

Zoë Weiner is a freelance beauty and wellness journalist and full time traveler.

In 2017, she quit her life in New York City in favor of the digital nomad lifestyle and hasn't been homesick once. She traveled for a full year with Remote Year, living and working in a different city every month, and is now bouncing around the world on her own. She documents it all (and more) on her blog, LetsJustZo.com

Zoë graduated from Columbia School of Journalism in 2015 with honors in magazine writing, and now works on the Condé Nast Social News Desk writing trending content across the company's magazine brands. She also contributes regular features to WellandGood.comTeenVogue.comBustle.com, TODAY.comGlamour.com, MarieClaire.comAllure.com, Brides.com, MentalFloss.com, Glam.com and Fatherly.com.

Her career highlight thus far was the time she got to interview Zac Efron, in case you were wondering. 

To work with Zoë, please reach out via e-mail.



(401) 339-7002